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Your brand is our passion:
At Guazal Marketing we always strive to develop innovative ideas to help you stand out and highlight your Trademark and spread your brand image.

Brand image:
Branding is the fundamental and strategic pillar of your company's communication strategy. Made from the brand's DNA, it represents, to your target audience, the very foundations of the mission and values of your company.

How do you convey your brand adequately?
In order to maximize the impact of your brand image, you must disseminate it appropriately by using it wherever it is likely to reach your audience (websites, printed communications tools, social networks, advertisements, etc.). Will help to print your brand image in the memory of your customers. It should be noted that this is not an all-round dissemination, but rather a well-targeted and effective strategy.

Innovative products to meet your need to broadcast your Brand Image.

The Smart Tag which earned an Image Award in 2015 "Innovative and creative product" in the promotional object industry.
It is an intelligent keychain, the Smart Tag, which is handed over to your customers and allows them to find their keys when they misplace them. So if a person finds a keychain, he/she can join the owner in an almost instantaneous way with SMS.
In return, your Brand will always be hooked on the keys of your customers for several years. No other branding product can be as close to your customers in their daily lives. You can imagine the value of your corporate gifts for your customer. The cost of replacing the new smart keys varies between $ 200 and $ 500.
Your brand will follow your customers for several years to come .... In their entourage both personal and professional.

Communication via SMS:
The true beauty of the Smart Tag is the power to stay in communication by SMS with each client who activates his Smart Tag and who will accept to receive your future communication.
What can also be developed together with you is an interface that would allow you to subsequently join them via SMS (texting) technology in the event of a release you wish to send them, a special offer that should be consulted quickly, and also, follow-up, promotions, offers to VIP customers.

For each Smart Tag delivered to a customer, you build a powerful database:
  • To make SMS Marketing campaigns
  • For a reminder of appointments
  • Promotions and notifications
  • VIP Offers
  • And much more...